Building a Better Future with NIE

NIE is an acronym for Newspaper in Education. This exciting program uses the articles and resources of the newspaper in our schools. As an instructional tool, the newspaper is known to strengthen teaching in every content area. Educators who participate in NIE energize classrooms, enhance critical thinking, increase vocabulary, and improve skill levels in subjects like English, history, math, geography, science and more, and build awareness of world events.

The History of NIE:
The concept of using newspapers in schools has been around for centuries, but our parent company, The New York Times, set up one of the first formal NIE programs in the 1930’s. This included delivery of the newspaper (sometimes yesterday’s edition, free of charge) plus curriculum aids and teacher training.

In fact, Iphigene Ochc Sulzberger, the wife of the publisher of the New York Times was unaware that she was becoming the “mother of NIE” when she lent her support to the requests of New York City teachers for the delivery of the Times to school classrooms.

As the Times program developed, it concentrated as much on delivery to individual college students as it did to public school classrooms. While no office name was yet affixed to the school use of newspapers, the “Living Textbook Program” was sometimes used to describe the newspaper’s fresh curriculum material available on a daily basis.

Why have an NIE Program
Literacy experts believe that adults with low literacy skills lack a sufficient foundation of the basic skills to function successfully in our society. By providing schools with newspapers and special curriculum material we can help prevent illiteracy at a time when young people have a support system of educators in place. Newspapers open the world to them and give them a chance to succeed.

There is substantial evidence that using newspapers in schools contributes to students’ reading skills, writing skills, and current event knowledge. The effects are most dramatic among minorities.

Edward F. DeRoche, Dean, School of Education, University of San Diego

The Gainesville Sun’s NIE Program
The Gainesville Sun launched its NIE program as a community service for educators in Alachua County. Our mission is to increase literacy, provide curriculum support and encourage readership. We are committed to providing teachers with economical teaching vehicles and innovative curriculum materials to help students develop necessary academic skills and become informed and involved citizens.

Last year we provided newspapers and printed special curriculum tabs to nearly every public and private school in the Alachua County area. Through teacher request, we delivered nearly 5,000 newspapers each school day to area public and private school classrooms.

As we continue to evolve and develop into a multi-media educational service, we are working on new and innovative ways to incorporate The Gainesville Sun and our website into some of our upcoming NIE programs.

Introducing our new NIE E-Edition
Growing future newspaper readers has always been the goal of The Gainesville Sun’s NIE department. In order to achieve it, we are now providing the most up-to-date, easily accessible services to teachers. In the fall of 2008 we introduced our E-Edition and converted 100% of our regular newspaper deliveries to our internet based E-Edition.

What is an E-Edition
The E-Edition (electronic edition) is an exact replica of The Gainesville Sun . It’s not a website. It’s a digital reproduction of The Gainesville Sun including every article, photograph, advertisement and even the crossword. Search and navigate through the paper using your favorite web browser. You can read it anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection.

The E-Edition is ideal for classroom learning and homework assignments. Keyword searches allow students to research any topic, person or event instantly. Teachers may also print out pages from the electronic edition as needed for instructional purposes.

Classroom advantages of the E-Edition
• It is FREE – Electronic editions are available at no cost to schools or teachers and access to the e-edition can be passed on to participating teacher’s students.

• It is searchable – You can search a topic, person, event or keyword to identify the information you want and in seconds you are given access to today’s edition as well a archived editions where your inquire was written about.

• It is easy to read – You can zoom, highlight and print your favorite articles and pictures.

• It is accessible anywhere – You can read it at in the classroom, at home or anywhere there is an internet connection.

• It is convenient – Every page every day of The Gainesville Sun is available using a standard web browser; there are no lengthy downloads and no special programs to install.

• Copies are archived – You can review past issues of the The Gainesville Sun for reference and review.

• It is easy to navigate – You can select your favorite section with a click, view it full height or full width, and scroll through pages with ease.

• It has accompanying curriculum – From the home page of the e-edition, one easy click, is a library of over 300 NIE curriculum materials covering all major subjects at all grade levels.

• It is 100% green – When you read The Gainesville Sun electronically, it is environmentally friendly. There is no paper to recycle.

NIE Program Community Support
The Gainesville Sun’s Newspaper in Education Program is FREE to all participating public and private schools in Alachua County. The program is funded by community business sponsorship and generous Gainesville Sun subscriber donations.

Gainesville Sun Subscriber Vacation Donation Program
When you call The Gainesville Sun to suspend your newspaper delivery while you are on vacation, please consider donating your newspapers to our local schools. When you donate your newspapers, the money is credited from your account and applied to the NIE Fund at the educational rate. This provides four classroom copies every day that you would have received one paper. The Gainesville Sun covers all administrative costs and instructional material of the NIE Program, so every penny you donate puts newspapers into local classrooms.

The Gainesville Sun commitment to our NIE Partners

The Gainesville Sun :
• Contributes the cost of the complete program management

• Maintains all contact and correspondence with all school personnel including curriculum research

• Contributes all advertising space for sponsor recognition

• Covers more than half the cost of all newspapers and curriculum that go into the schools

• Never co-mingles the dedicated NIE partnership Fund with any other general operation funds

• Audits the NIE Fund through the Audit Bureau of Circulation