Edition Classroom Subscription Fact Sheet

1. What does the eEdition look like? When is available everyday?
The eEdition will look exactly like the printed Gainesville Sun newspaper, and it will be available around 6am every morning.

2. How does the eEdition differ from Gainesville.com?
Unlike Gainesville.com, the eEdition shows all the pages of the Gainesville Sun exactly as they appear in the print edition, including the ads. 

3. Is the eEdition free like a web site?
No, it’s a paid product just like the printed newspaper. As in the past, eEdition availability is free to schools and teachers and is paid for through area business and personal sponsorship and generous GAinesville Sun subscriber donations.

4. How is the eEdition delivered?
Once you enroll and your eEdition begins, you will receive an e-mail every morning to the e-mail address you provided us.

5. How do I enroll for eEdition?
The Gainesville Sun will provide your school with enrollment forms. Watch for an announcement from your school’s administration or call (352) 338-3191.  Soon after your enrollment, you will be issued a USER ID and PASSWORD enabling you to access the eEdition. This information will be sent to you via e-mail and regular mail.

6. Is ordering the eEdition any different from ordering what was in print?
Yes, your order should include the total number of students you teach in any one day. Unlike the print edition which you passed on from class to class or were shared by students, eEditions can be viewed and used in a variety of ways. You can view and use eEdition from the teacher’s computer, project it to the whole class on a smartboard, log on to multiple in-class computers at the same time, use it in the library or computer lab, even assign lessons for homework for those students that have internet access. Each student will be able to see a fresh and complete edition of the newspaper and needs to be included in your count.

7. What if the number of students I have changes up or down from the number of eEditions I have originally ordered?
No problem, just call the Gainesville Sun at (352) 338-3191 or e-mail kimberly.cundiff@gvillesun.com and we will make the adjustment for you.

8. How do my students use the eEdition?
Students can use the eEdition from any computer that has internet access. It can be in your classroom, in the library or computer lab, even at home for homework assignments. Once you receive your USER ID and PASSWORD, pass it on your students. This will let them to log on to http://eedition.gainesvillesun.com

9. Who am I permitted to give my eEdition USER ID and PASSWORD to?
You may provide your USER ID and PASSWORD only to your students. You are not permitted to share this information with other individuals or teachers.

10. What do I do if I loose or forget my USER ID and PASSWORD?
Call 338-3191 or e-mail kimberly.cundiff@gvillesun.com. You will be sent your USER ID and PASSWORD via e-mail to the address on record.

11. How long do I receive the eEdition?
You will receive the eEdition until the last day of the school year. Your USER ID and PASSWORD will be deactivated at that time. Like the print edition delivery, eEdition delivery will last a maximum of one school year. We typically offer renewal in August for that school year.

12. Can I try the eEdition before choosing it for my classroom?
Yes, any teacher can access the eEdition during the trial period. Please watch for an announcement with the web address. After the trial period concludes, your temporary user name and password will be deactivated.

13. Is access limited to school days for me and my students?
Yes, funding provides access during school days only. But, here’s some great news, the Star-Banner has added eEdition access to you and your students on vacation days, holidays and weekends as a bonus.